Solid PE Boards

28mm SOLID CORE PE Boards with tongue and groove connection- impact resistant.

These PE Boards are the same material as the Capricorn (Australia) Pty Ltd stable walls and Arena Safety Wall.

The bords are manufactured in Europe and pre-cut to 1.3m with longer lengths (up to 3.9m) available by request.  The boards can be trimmed with a drop saw or similar and handled the same way as timber.

The PE is indestructible and maintenance free and does not support the growth of mould/fungus.  It is a popular choice for use as an Arena Wall and in Stable Panels and  as it will not swell with moisture and is an attractive long-term solution.

It is a safe and durable product that does not make a hollow noise if kicked.

RIDE NOW - PAY LATER 100% Interest Free* available with quick and easy online application process 


Recycled PE Board Colours

Recycled PE Board Colours

Beige (Sand Beige)

Black (Ural Black)

Brown (Quartz Brown)

Dark Grey (Ash Grey)

Light Grey (Mineral Grey)

Green (Andez Green)

Golden Oak (Laminated Boards)

Golden Oak (Laminated Boards)

NEW product available - laminated PE Boards.

The same quality boards and duarability now with a timber-look finish.

Option to laminate one side / or both sides.