Quality Stables

Now available in Australia European Stables.

Capricorn (Australia) Pty Ltd can design, manufacture, deliver and arrange installation of your stables.

Hot-dip galvanised finish with no compromise on quality.

Professional fronts have smooth-running wide sliding doors with a strong top rail and roller system.  Swinging doors also available (by request).

Stable wall boards are manufactured from 100% high recycled PE and is, for the use of stable walls far superior to timber products such as wood panels or plywood.

PRODUCTS - Recycycled PE Boards

The PE is indestructible and maintenance free and does not support the growth of mould/fungus. 


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Stables - Tiara Park Arcadia (NSW)

Stables - Tiara Park Arcadia (NSW)

Custom-design project Capricorn (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Incorporating smooth-running sliding doors, anti-weave frames for windows and hot-dip galvanised bars to fit into the architecturally designed stable building.

The result is breathtaking.

Stables - Suntori Park Arcadia (NSW)

Stables - Suntori Park Arcadia (NSW)

Quality European Stables custom made and supplied for installation at Suntori Park.

This project was co-ordinated, delivered and professionally installed by Mark Dowell from DoWell Equine - 0405 497 582.

Individual panels also available direct from www.dowellequine.com.au 

Stable Installation

Stable Installation

We can supply the stable frames and PE Boards for a DIY fitout.

Alternatively for installation we reccomend Mark from Dowell Equine.