EBB & FLOW Arena

The EBB & FLOW Arena technology for horse riding arenas have been used in Europe for many years now.  EBB & FLOW arena design is widely used for competition arenas.

It basically works with a system of drainpipes which are installed under the sand cover.

The water is kept in the arena with the installation of a liner which has been laid before the sand is installed. 

The sump / balance tank next to the arena is where the water level can be adjusted to provide an even moisture level over arena.

This level can be set and does not have to be altered unless the requirements change.  Altering the water level in the arena is easy and there a no tools required.

Some of the advantages of this arena system include: 

  • No base for draining purposes required - the EBB & FLOW arena can be built on a solid ground of rock or clay or even sand
  • No irrigation or irrigation system required  
  • No drains required
  • No slopes or crowns required on the arena
  • Arena can be built on a not naturally draining area
  • The arena will never flood and can always be ridden on also after heavy rain   
  • The rain water collected from the arena can be stored and in dry periods supplied back into the arena
  • The EBB & FLOW technology can be used for indoor and outdoor arenas
  • The EBB & FLOW technology can be used for all size arenas

EBB & FLOW technology provides substantial advantages and is an economical as well as a cost saving design for all levels of the equestrian sports. 

The costs to install the EBB & FLOW system are less than the conventional arena design and the advantages are obvious.

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Recent EBB & FLOW Installation

Recent EBB & FLOW Installation

SOILTEX being blended into the most recent EBB & FLOW arena.

Installed in Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands (NSW).

20 x 60m Indoor Arena using EBB & FLOW Arena Kit.

Australia's Largest EBB & FLOW Arena

Australia's Largest EBB & FLOW Arena

SOILTEX being blended into another recent EBB & FLOW arena.

Main arena at AELEC in Tamworth (NSW).

100 x 100m Outdoor Arena using EBB & FLOW Arena Kit.

EBB & FLOW at Willinga Park

EBB & FLOW at Willinga Park

30 x 70m SOILTEX and EBB & FLOW Grand Prix Arena.

Willinga Park in Bawley Point on the South Coast (NSW).

Australia's newest equine facilty.