Now available through Capricorn Australia Pty Ltd.

AquaTrainer is manufactured with high quality Stainless Steel and PVC. The cabinet has glass windows on both sides and doors on both ends also with glass, so the movement of the horse can be monitored.

Two doors make entry and exiting easy for the horse and operator.

The training belt allows tilting for exercising uphill and gives the trainer more possibilities in training programs.

All controls like belt speed, distance/time, water level and tilting of the belt is programmable on a touch screen and can be stored in special programs for different training of the horses.

Up to 100 storable programs are possible.


Hermitage Thoroughbreds (NSW)

Hermitage Thoroughbreds (NSW)

AquaTrainer supplied, delivered and installed for Hermitage Thoroughbreds.

Now an integral part of the training regime with large glass windows to easily monitor the horses' movements during exercise.

Also good for rehabilitation and strength training.