EBB & FLOW and SOILTEX at Tomkinson Group Dressage

"The arena surface in a new arena was a big investment for us.  I thoroughly researched all available surfaces and laboured over the decision.  I decided on using Capricorn, Lou Verwey and the EBB & FLOW System for several reasons.  I had ridden on the surface at Koschel’s for many years and absolutely loved it, it was the best surface I have ever experienced.  I knew Lou would take charge of the installation in the most professional way and the low maintenance moving forward was a major time and money saver.  We have been using the arena for 4 months now and I have to say (aside from buying Diamantina) it is the best decision I ever made!  I absolutely love it, the horses performance has so improved, they are so stable and confident on it.  The maintenance is about one tenth of what we have previously done.  So worth every penny and I cannot adequately express how impressed I am.  A professional surface for a professional stable."

Maree Tomkinson

EBB & FLOW and SOILTEX at Willinga Park

“We’d have to say that the whole weekend was an unmitigated success.  We can tell you that this would not have been the case if we hadn’t had your showjumping arena - Thank you.”

Terry Snow

SOILTEX at Gran Sasso Stables

"Thankyou to Capricorn Australia Pty Ltd for providing the Soiltex surface - a beautiful surface to ride on!"

Victoria Condon

SOILTEX at CM Dressage

"Big overhaul on the indoor arena nearly complete thanks to Matt from MPC Excavations for the base and surface works and Rod and Jay from Kingbrown Contractors for the arena walls.

This is the second arena I have installed with Capricorn SOILTEX and I couldn't be happier."

Cassia Montgomery

EUROPEAN STABLES - Hermitage Thoroughbreds

"We found Lou and Kim Verwey of Capricorn Australia an absolute delight to deal with. They were not only extremely professional but accurate, they provided us a service far beyond our requirements in order for the finish product to be to within and beyond the expectations of all concerned. Above all that, there wasn’t an option available amongst competitors that even got close to the quote and finished article."

Oliver Koolman

SOILTEX at Tilling Hill Equestrian Centre

"I am very excited with the changeover, I rode at Tilling Hill Equestrian Centre the other day and the surface was superb.  Getting my horse off the woodchips had already meant an improvement in my dressage scores!" 

Client / Rider at Tilling Hill Equestrian Centre (sent by email)

SOILTEX- Terry Lobegeier

"Greetings to Kim and Lou of SOILTEX.

We had 100mm of rain during Monday evening and Tuesday of last week and I was able to ride on my outdoor SOILTEX arena on the Wednesday - needless to say I am very impressed.


Terry Lobegeier

SOILTEX - Patricia Boyle

"My new Soiltex arena is great.  We've had very good rain, some of it in a very heavy storm, 37mms in about an hour and a half.  I was really concerned about the new surface as I didn't want to see it running down the paddock. 

Was absolutely delighted to go up and find just one or two small furrows around the gate and none of it washed away.  

The stability of the SOILTEX is fantastic.  I spent the first week lunging making sure that I used all the arena each time.  Wonderful to see the Fonz using his hocks and having to work (he's usually so lazy).  Riding him I can feel such a difference.  His confidence has improved and I can feel that he's so much happier.  All this of course has increased my comfort levels and therefore made me much happier as well."

Patricia Boyle

SOILTEX at Statene Park

"Recently we decided to replace our arena surface, with Capricorn SOILTEX.  I had been suffering from a severe allergic reaction to our old surface, even though it was quite good for the horses and rode very well.  This was the best thing I have done for my health and the health and soundness of our horses.  The new SOILTEX surface is extremely easy to care for, all my allergies have gone and the horses are enjoying a safe non slip surface.  SOILTEX has an evenness and spring I have never experienced in any other arena.  We could not be more pleased with the results.  Horses work on it all day and there is no track around the edge, or uneven spots.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Every professional rider needs to have a surface like this!!"

Mary Hanna

SOILTEX at Kirby Park Stud

"I love my SOILTEX surface.  I would do anything to keep my team of horses sound and at their peak for longer and Soiltex helps me achieve this.  My water dam loves it too, we cut our watering back from twice a day to once a week during the summer!  And it stays in perfect condition during the wettest of wet Adelaide hills winters.  It was easy to install as we just mixed it with our original sand surface.  It was also a very cost effective way of adding another 20years of working life to my arena.  My clients love riding on it and the unique SOILTEX mix takes all the concussion out of the horse joints while they are training."

Megan Jones

SOILTEX at Roycroft Stables

"I couldn't be happier with my SOILTEX arena.  Very little maintenance, totally dust free and most importantly the horses jump great off it!"

Vicki Roycroft

SOILTEX at Parbery Performance Horses

"At Parbery Performance Horses we are constantly trying to improve ourselves, our horses and our facilities.  We are relentlessly working to create a dressage haven for owners, riders and their horses.  The products we choose are the products we believe in and our new SOILTEX arena provides us with a safe, easy to maintain and performance enhancing training surface that takes away the stress from our horses legs and keeps them sound.  We can recommend SOILTEX as an excellent product that we truly believe in.  Thankyou Lou and Kim for bringing top quality equestrian products to Australia!"

Brett and Melinda Parbery

SOILTEX at Skansen Park

"At last!  With Lou's SOILTEX surface I am able to train my horses and instruct students with confidence, knowing that in my opinion the surface dramatically reduces the risk of physical stress on the horses including tendon, ligament and muscle strain.  It also reduces hoof abrasion that is often associated with heavy sand.  I find the SOILTEX gives the horses a great feel of natural spring and regularity.  I am also able to work a number of horses plus lunge and jump on a surface that displays great durability and is easy to maintain.This very even, stable surface consists of recycled textile and sand which when combined retains moisture well.It contains no chemical binders. I highly recommend this product"

Lesley-Ann Taylor

SOILTEX at Robali Stud

"When I was in Europe last year I rode on this product in many different stables and loved it! So when Lou rang to tell me he could supply it for our new arena I was very excited. It is lovely to ride on, combining with sand to provide a stable, spongy surface which does not move under the horses feet. It gives a really elasticy feel to the horses paces. Mum and I both coach and train on it all day and it doesn't leave tracks and kick up the sideboards like sand alone does, so this means less maintenance. It also seems to absorb water really well so we can ride on the arena in all weather conditions."

Robbie Soster

SOILTEX at Redleaf Lodge

"With the addition of SOILTEX to our showjumping arena at Redleaf Lodge, we now believe we have the best surface in the country. Because the surface does not shift on take off or landing it has to be the safest footing to jump on. It's security gives the young horses the confidence they need for expert training, at the same time the gentle give is great for managing soundness in the older horses"

Christopher Burton and Julia Hargreaves

Did you know that...

For an arena the sand selected should HOLD some moisture.

We hear and see it advertised the so called well-draining arenas. REMEMBER if an arena drains well then it is also difficult to irrigate during dry periods.

If you have a poorly designed arena you will need to carry out intensive grading. With a Capricorn EBB & FLOW arena maintenance requirement are kept to a minimum.

Any waxed arena surface consist of chemicals ( commonly a by-product of oil refining ) these chemicals could contaminate water streams.

The better a conventional arena drains - the more difficult it is to keep the sand moist.

That with a "conventional arena" with a fall for drainage purposes the sand washes down to the lowest point during heavy rain.

An Ebb & Flow arena requires less maintenance.

After HEAVY rainfall an Ebb & Flow arena is ready to ride on within 2 hours of the rain ceasing.

10mm of rainfall on an arena is 12,000l of water. With an Ebb & Flow System this water can be collected the same as water can be collected from the roof of a covered arena.

Providing a suitable Arena Surface is an important aspect of horse management that effects both performance and soundness.

SOILTEX is a unique / quality product that is manufactured by a well known and established ISO 9001 accredited fabric recycling company in Europe.

That for an EBB & FLOW arena you DO NOT need a base or irrigation system.

The terminology EBB & FLOW comes from the Dutch language “EBB & VLOED “ which means low and high tide.

SOILTEX minimises compaction and allows extended full movement and stride length in all gaits.

The structure of the SOILTEX mixed with the sand provides the required cushion and the mix of the multi denier fibres mimics the root system of grass.

If the riding surface is TOO HARD there will be insufficient hoof rotation, increased chance of sliding and excessive concussion.

The hoof of the horse makes contact and leaves the riding surface in different speeds and gaits. From canter which is asymmetrical to a piaffe and passage which is symmetrical.

For an EBB & FLOW arena you do not need any kind of gravel or mat/s under the sand surface.

If a horse is restricted in its natural hoof slide injuries could occur.

A horse that is used to being worked on a good riding surface (imported horse) will deteriorate quickly when be worked on an inferior surface.

Photos taken from a horse on a light/er coloured sand surface show much better than on a darker surface.

If you don’t have to worry about spending time irrigating your arena you can ride more horses and increase your income - EBB & FLOW system does this for you.

That an area surface which is too hard results in excessive concussion of your horses joints.

That a deep arena surface puts alot of strain on the tendons of your horse.

If your arena is built to drain very quickly after rain - this same arena will require alot of irrigation during dry periods.

An arena base which is permeable drains the water out of the sand layer - this means alot of water is required to keep the riding surface moist.

When you loose the fines in the sand the surface becomes unstable underfoot and will not hold water when you irrigate.

The brown water that drains from the surface of your arena contains all the fines from the sand. These fines are there to provide the correct sand particle size distribution.

To add so called "Metal Dust" does not improve drainage - it will however make the sand a packing sand resulting in a surface that will compact easily.

Arenas with a "Crown Shaped" base for better drainage are difficult to maintain - in general the surface on the Centreline gets thin and the tracks too deep and heavy.

Well draining arenas are also difficult to irrigate.

On a hard surface the horse could slip forward as well as backward by take off.


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