Amberwood Park

Home to the Montgomery Family, Amberwood Park is a 58 acre property in Kiar (near Wyong) on the NSW Central Coast.   It is from here that Gina Montgomery runs her very successful horse training stables producing Royal Show Champions, State & National Show Horse & Dressage Champions.  Amberwood Park's facilities include a barn with 10 stables, hot/cold wash bays, 14 day yards with shelters, holding yards for visiting/lesson horses, ample parking, a dressage arena with SOILTEX surface, sand arena & large turf arena.

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Whether you want a small website to advertise your company, or a more diverse site incorporating the use of databases, interactive photo albums, forms, sound and/or video, Macromedia Flash Player, or any other purpose that you may wish, we will have the package to suit you.

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Julie Wilson - Equestrian Photography

Julie was Australia's only professional equestrian photo journalist at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games and the World Championships in Rome and Spain. Her work appears in every major Australian horse magaine, as well as prestigious international publications.

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Peter Haynes

Peter has riden and trained horses for over 2 decades and uses his expertise to create outstanding video productions.

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Robali Stud

Robali stud is located in the Southern Highlands and is run as an agistment, training and small breeding facility under the guidance of Ali Soster and her daughter Robbie.

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Dalson Park

Close to the heart of Brisbane and Logan, but in a lovely rural setting; Dalson Park at Slacks Creek is open 6 days for group or private horse riding lessons, horse jumping lessons, fun days, holiday camps and much more.

Dalson Park is the first in QLD to install Capricorn SOILTEX on their indoor arena, this offers riders optimum stability and comfort and protects the limbs and joints of the horses.

Visit the website of Dalson Park for further information.

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Sophie Warren Equestrian

Sophie Warren Equestrian finds it's home in the foothills of Perth, Western Australia, and is proud to offer a wide range of services to the equine industry.

Sophie believes that correct training will put you and your horse ahead of the competition and is dedicated to providing a superior level of training for horses and riders of all levels.

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Double D Solutions

Horse mats are long lasting, save money, reduce labour costs and improve hygiene. They are easy to install, need no maintenance and can be power hose cleaned.

Reseach has shown a substantial reduction in leg and foot injuries among horses when using rubber mats in stables.

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Hagen Park

Hagen Park is one of Melbourne's Finest Equestrian Facilities. Set upon 50 manicured acres in Keysborough,Victoria - Hagen Park is centrally located and is only 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD. Boasting large and well appointed paddocks, an outdoor menage under lights, premium indoor arena, a cross-country course and several scenic walking tracks ensure that member and agister needs are catered for with a premium level of care.

Hagen Park is also home to Keysborough Equestrian Club events and rallies.

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Randall Park

Randall Park is a five star horse agistment facility, set upon  40 acres just out of Warragul, Victoria.  We aim to provide our clients with  quality time to just enjoy their horses and surroundings through top  facilities, a professional approach and reasonable prices.      

Our facility is suited to all levels of riders, from pleasure riders to those who are highly competitive.  Being family owned and run there is a high level of care and peaceful atmosphere.

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Top Horse Online Directory

Top Horse is an innovative way to showcase your horse, product or service and was developed in demand for a change to the monthly equestrian trading cycle.  It allows sellers to advertise horses or products using photos and video in a user-friendly way that's both flexible and cost-effective, offering a state of the art online platform with 24/7 access to a targeted Australian equestrian audience.

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Did you know that...

For an arena the sand selected should HOLD some moisture.

We hear and see it advertised the so called well-draining arenas. REMEMBER if an arena drains well then it is also difficult to irrigate during dry periods.

If you have a poorly designed arena you will need to carry out intensive grading. With a Capricorn EBB & FLOW arena maintenance requirement are kept to a minimum.

Any waxed arena surface consist of chemicals ( commonly a by-product of oil refining ) these chemicals could contaminate water streams.

The better a conventional arena drains - the more difficult it is to keep the sand moist.

That with a "conventional arena" with a fall for drainage purposes the sand washes down to the lowest point during heavy rain.

An Ebb & Flow arena requires less maintenance.

After HEAVY rainfall an Ebb & Flow arena is ready to ride on within 2 hours of the rain ceasing.

10mm of rainfall on an arena is 12,000l of water. With an Ebb & Flow System this water can be collected the same as water can be collected from the roof of a covered arena.

Providing a suitable Arena Surface is an important aspect of horse management that effects both performance and soundness.

SOILTEX is a unique / quality product that is manufactured by a well known and established ISO 9001 accredited fabric recycling company in Europe.

That for an EBB & FLOW arena you DO NOT need a base or irrigation system.

The terminology EBB & FLOW comes from the Dutch language “EBB & VLOED “ which means low and high tide.

SOILTEX minimises compaction and allows extended full movement and stride length in all gaits.

The structure of the SOILTEX mixed with the sand provides the required cushion and the mix of the multi denier fibres mimics the root system of grass.

If the riding surface is TOO HARD there will be insufficient hoof rotation, increased chance of sliding and excessive concussion.

The hoof of the horse makes contact and leaves the riding surface in different speeds and gaits. From canter which is asymmetrical to a piaffe and passage which is symmetrical.

For an EBB & FLOW arena you do not need any kind of gravel or mat/s under the sand surface.

If a horse is restricted in its natural hoof slide injuries could occur.

A horse that is used to being worked on a good riding surface (imported horse) will deteriorate quickly when be worked on an inferior surface.

Photos taken from a horse on a light/er coloured sand surface show much better than on a darker surface.

If you don’t have to worry about spending time irrigating your arena you can ride more horses and increase your income - EBB & FLOW system does this for you.

That an area surface which is too hard results in excessive concussion of your horses joints.

That a deep arena surface puts alot of strain on the tendons of your horse.

If your arena is built to drain very quickly after rain - this same arena will require alot of irrigation during dry periods.

An arena base which is permeable drains the water out of the sand layer - this means alot of water is required to keep the riding surface moist.

When you loose the fines in the sand the surface becomes unstable underfoot and will not hold water when you irrigate.

The brown water that drains from the surface of your arena contains all the fines from the sand. These fines are there to provide the correct sand particle size distribution.

To add so called "Metal Dust" does not improve drainage - it will however make the sand a packing sand resulting in a surface that will compact easily.

Arenas with a "Crown Shaped" base for better drainage are difficult to maintain - in general the surface on the Centreline gets thin and the tracks too deep and heavy.

Well draining arenas are also difficult to irrigate.

On a hard surface the horse could slip forward as well as backward by take off.


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